Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW recap

After 12 hours of sleep I feel a tiny bit recovered from SXSW. Here are a few highlights from my trip to Austin. I'm sure I'll find more pictures to post throughout the week.

Outdoors at the Ramble Creek Party where I saw Thrift Store Cowboys and One Wolf.

I finally got my Hey Cupcake cupcake. I got strawberry! I wish we had one here.

This is me and Clint waiting to watch Bright Eyes. We looked around some booths, got free swag, and had tacos and margaritas.

Here are a few more shows we caught that we also amazing. Ps I couldn't get a pic of The Stokes or Bright Eyes, I was too far away.

Here I'm outside Nest. They had the coolest/most expensive modern furniture.

I was super stoked to wander around Anthropologie. Here's a couple cute things:

Wandering around town:

We ate at this 24 hour diner by the same name. It was very modern industrial, and had the best organic food. They should expand to Lubbock.

I ended up at the Barton Creek Mall for a visit to the Apple store. On the way out I spotted this Boba Tea shop. Trying bubble tea is on my bucket list. I tried strawberry and it was yummy. I hollered from the top of the escalator like a crazy person when I saw the sign lol.

There was lots of walking, sweating, being lost, and having fun! If I go next year, I think I'll prepare better, get a hotel downtown, and take a pedi-cab.

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Aria Belle said...

Fun! I am glad you had a good time!

CAPow! said...

SO jealous!!

Jessi said...

looks like a fun time :)