Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taco Tuesday, I Know It's Wednesday Edition

Today is the day that I leave for Austin. I still haven't packed. My closet exploded all over the bedroom and the suitcase is still empty. I am enjoying a cup of coffee (mocha cappaccino) and getting inspired.....

I'm not sure what fashion show this is, but I love how the colors fade into each other. Last night my husband helped me re-dye my tips blue. This time I used shocking blue from manic panic, and it worked so well that part of my husband and the bathroom are blue. I'll post up a picture later when my hair is not sticking out all crazy because I went to sleep with it wet.

I recently discovered knee highs but I love a good hole-y tight. I have a few outfits I hope I get to rock at sxsw that require these things.

If only I had these my life would be complete! I would rock them with my Hello Kitty head backpack! I can't decide if I should take my HK backpack or not?

I heart Audrey Kitching! I am in love with that bag! I keep using it in polyvore posts. I would also love those chanel flats. This reminds me I still need to paint my nails. I still haven't decided on the color? What is your fav color this season for nails?

I'm hoping while I'm gone I'll be able to post some Photo Diary posts of pictures I'm taking around town with my phone. If not I will hopefully be back on Sunday....Happy Spring Break!


Jessica said...

Electric blue and i saw a army green at American apparel that i desperately need.

Mrs. Miller said...

i ended up going with my sailor moon pink glitter. i couldn't find any of the colors i was looking for. i need to put them all in one place instead of where ever they happen to land lol

Aria Belle said...

Golden brown and navy blue are the colors I have on right now, but I always like sage green and a very, very, very dark red :)
If you get a chance, Kerli is playing... I like them

I would say don't forget to eat at Katz deli, but it will be crazy! You also might like Bouldin Creek Coffee House (South Austin) great tea and vegan breakfast
Magnolia Cafe is close, used to eat there once a week fat work but it might be busy too haha
I am sure everywhere will be packed!
Have fun okay! And lots of pics!!!!!

Aria Belle said...

You should totally hit up Goodwill and make your own shoes, crafty like at home and wear them with your Knee high socks!
I wore some red ballet flats the other day with pink striped knee socks, so cute!!!
I might have to make me some shoes too!
Yay for home made style crafts!

Ashley said...

Woohoo! LOVE the hair! You're so cool.

Anonymous said...

love the sunnies!!