Friday, March 11, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is graduating from college. I was pretty sure I would just be in school forever .

2. My favorite place to sit in my house is on the floor...depends on what I'm doing. I want to get one of those Japanese style tables that are low to the ground and have the blanket and little heater thing... .

3. My fashion philosophy is to not have a fashion philosophy or look homeless. lol I don't like to look like everyone else, and I'm not afraid to try different looks. I prefer 'ugly' clothes, mostly b/c I don't think anyone else will buy/wear them or because it probably has a cat on it .

4. Something every girl should have is red lipstick, it makes you feel fancy .

5. If you looked in my purse right now you'd find.... too much, even though I downsized. wallet, hello kitty band-aids, receipts, hello kitty kleenex, hello kitty fork, sugar in the raw packets, bubble mint gum, bobby pins, clippies, peppermint oil, rose salve, burts bees lotion, red lipstick, chanel chance perfume, excedrin migraine, loose change, dry shampoo, benefit face powder, ricola throat lozenges, keys, cell phone, tamagotchi, aerie spring surprise coupon, shopping list... .

6. My favorite music right now is Eisley and Mumford and Sons .

7. My favorite part of my body is my my painted toe well I just got a pedicure, so they're cute .

1 comment:

GraphXGrrl said...

Red lipstick makes me feel like Gwen Stefani or a 50s movie star! ;)