Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hipster Dreams

This always cracks me up. Recently I've been on a huge jeggings kick. I've gotten all of mine from Pacsun since I get a discount there. They are super comfy and will be a staple in my wardrobe next week for sure! My husband hates them! He says the smallness at the bottom is weird, and that he just doesn't like skinny jeans on anyone. I told him he's just getting old.

I RSVPed for this event since TSC and One Wolf are playing there. I have no idea what else I need to RSVP for?

I'm loving this hairstyle! I was actually wearing my hair like this for a while. I need to get some more blue dye today and a sleeping bag...

So I did a little bit of shopping for this trip, but knowing me I'll take it back in fear of someone else wearing the same thing lol...I'm crazy like that.

I hate going to Forever 21, absolutely hate it. But it was early, and the music wasn't blaring as loud as it usually what the heck. I spotted this skirt and had to have it. I don't usually wear things like this, but I was inspired from browsing UO's website earlier that day. It was super comfy when I tried it on. It is way too long so I'll cut some off the bottom. I figure I can wear this with a band tee or this sweater I have, and take some leggings or knee high socks incase it gets cold.

PS Look what is free from Hipstamatic for SXSW...

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GraphXGrrl said...

Jeggings are the best! I need to find some in a black denim b/c I'm pretty sure they're the only style of pants that I'm going to wear...probably forever. lol

Thankfully, Nick doesn't have much of an opinion on fashion so I can wear whatever I want.

I tried to wear shorts today...yeah...I think they make me look like Sporty Spice so I took them off. lol