Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic: Paying Bills & Saving

If I ever happened to look in the mirror in that moment when I am opening my bills, I am sure my face would look like this. I feel like all my hard earned money goes down the drain, right into someone else's greedy pockets.

My whole life I have been terrible at saving money. Money just burns a hole right through my pocket...I mean designer purse. There always seems to be something I need...I mean want. And getting that thing will make me happier and so fulfilled that rainbows will follow me around for days, as well as the huge smile on my face. At least that's what I think in my head.

Shopping for me is therapeutic. It started in college, if I had a bad day I would hit up Starbucks then hit up the mall. I would always go to Dillards to see which designer bag I needed or perhaps a wallet to go with the one I bought yesterday. Usually an entire new outfit was in order...
You must be thinking where did she get all this money? Were her parents giving it to her? (That's a big no.) Did she have a fancy job? (Also a big no.) I got all that money from credit cards, which isn't really money at all, it's debt. I never even thought about it or the fact that you have to pay that back later...oh and on time. I was carefree...and a poor little rich girl.

A lot of things haven't changed over time, except the part where I don't use credit anymore. I spend my hard cold cash. Those credit cards have been cut up and thrown away, but they still follow me to this day. I keep hoping someday I will have this paid off....

Getting older and owning a plethora of useless things has taught me that I don't need to go shopping to make myself feel better, because in the end I feel worse...Guilty about buying another purse or pair of shoes (when I have a closet full), not reusing or thrifting enough, and spending all my money instead of saving.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about saving. I recently invested in a 401k, because seriously I'm not getting any younger or becoming famous anytime soon. My husband and I are thinking about having children soon (and everyone knows how expensive that can be). I'd also love to take a vacation and go somewhere exciting. To fulfill lifelong dreams and not worry about paying bills. I'm sure many people, myself included, stay up late at night worrying about how they are going to pay their bills...

So I'm taking action! I've given myself some helpful resources to get me motivated. And I hope to accomplish some goals to help me save money.

1. I will be going on a Spending Diet
This will help me on the want vs. need front, and on my make do and mend mentality that I am adopting. It will also help me pay off my debt sooner.
2. I will be trying to take the Saved Quarter Challenge where I put a designated amount of my paycheck in my savings account and leave it alone.

A few ways I plan to save money are:
1. No eating out and no more Starbucks. (This is killing me the most and taking the most of that hard earned cash).
2. NO SHOPPING! (This will be the hardest since I work in a clothing store, and is my ultimate addiction).
3. Leaving my debit card at home, so I can't be tempted.

A few ways I plan to make some extra cash-o-la are:
1. Shop my closet! I already have things set aside, I just need to take pictures and get it set up.
2. Open my etsy store! I am working on the products for this now. My goal is November 1st!
3. Perhaps take on some commissioned work.
4. I have also been thinking about Blog Sponsors.

What do you do to save/make xtra money? Any advice for a hardcore shopaholic?


GraphXGrrl said...

Well, I certainly wish you the best of luck! Getting out of debt & bad spending habits can be rough but WELL worth it.

Just remember:


Mrs. Miller said...

thanks! i need all the encouragement I can get! Especially when it comes to shopping...i see cute things and i just go nuts!