Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Just Might Explode!

I had a really good few days off! Tomorrow is back to work. I have lots of projects that I am working on, and hopefully pretty soon I will be able to share. In the mean time, I'm in a good/wacky mood and I just might explode. So here is some cuteness to make your day brighter!

In a perfect world Hello Kitty and Pikachu would be best friends!

My dogs would look amazing in chain mail as they patrol the I mean backyard. And this makes me think of Merlin (Giles in chainmail!) and of course I've been going to sleep to Fellowship of the Ring (b/c that's how I roll).

Me and my mom's facebook chat conversation about my hair. She hates it, and likes to let me know every chance she gets.

You will be mine houndstooth Toms! This will be my reward for making all the products needed to open my etsy store! Now I just want to work, work, work until the break of dawn!

What do you reward yourself with?

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