Monday, August 15, 2011

Interview with Angie of Lariats and Lavender

This month I've been a sponsor over at Lariats and Lavender. I asked Angie if I could do a little fun interview for my post today...let the wackiness ensue.....
1. What is your favorite flavor of cupcake?

Oh wow... I really, really love a good cupcake. Lately: Red Velvet. I just tried my very first one a week or so ago! SO GOOD. I also love a good carrot cupcake! This Autumn, I can't wait to try a pumpkin flavored one. Mmmm!

2. Why did you start blogging?

My main reason for starting a blog - and this will sound cheesy - was to make friends around the world! To learn more about different lifestyles, religions, cultures and interests. And to share my own! It's been absolutely wonderful and I've made some amazing friends along the way. (That includes you, Mrs. Miller! ^_-)

3. If you had super powers, what would they be?

I'd LOVE super strength. Let's take today for example. I was walking, and I ran into the store for cat food and soda. I came out, walked home and my hands were killing me. From ONE bag. SUPER STRENGTH FOR THE WIN!

4. Would you play a round of Dance Dance Revolution with me? What song would we dance to?

Ooooh, yes, I'd totally dance with you. The song we'd dance to would be... Venus from Bananarama. I think that would get a lot of laughs. ^_^ If I could pick any song in the world, it'd be Ballroom Blitz by Sweet. LOVE that song. Total chair dancing goes on when I listen to that song.

5. What is your biggest passion?

My marriage, for sure. I love my wife, who's name is Jen! We've been together eight years, since I was 13 and married for almost four of them. She is my best friend, my wife and my soul mate in one. ♥ We're planning our hand-fasting, at the moment. We have no idea when we'll be able to have it, but it's something we're both passionate about. When we DO do our hand-fasting, it'll be for Forever and a Day! ^_^

6. Do you have any favorite artists/illustrators?

Oh yes, definitely! I have so many, I couldn't possibily list them all. So here's a few:
1. B1nd1 []
2. Donatella Drago []
3. Kinkei []
4. Jasmine Becket-Griffith []
5. Gabe (otherwise known as
Mike Krahulik) from Penny-Arcade [] and so many others!!! I need to make a post of all my favorites on my blog. ^_^

7. If you could be any Sanrio (Hello Kitty and Friends) character, who would you be?

Oh man... I love them all. Hello Kitty is pretty epic in my book, but for the sake of going with something different, I'd choose... I'd say Charmmy Kitty! I especially love that she was born on Halloween!!! My favorite holiday. ^_^

8. What's some of the best advice you've ever received? Do you have any to give?

Well, this may sound silly, but the best advice I've ever gotten has been quotes from movies and people. Here are a few of my favorites, that I live by: "Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one!" - Doc Brown, Back To The Future III. "There is no amount of compensation to make up for time away from those you love." - not sure where I heard this one. :( But it's so true! It's why I dream of working from home! And finally "Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself" - again, not sure. I need to do some research! Oh and I have my own, that I made up. "Dream. Believe. Do." Dream what you want. Believe in it. Do it!

As for what advice I could give: Be yourself. Seriously. Being unique, and we ALL are unique, even those who wish to be part of the crowd. We're all different for a reason! And believe in true love, in soul mates, in happiness, in luck. Believe in the unbelievable. Also, and this one may sound harsh, but it's true. Family is NOT always "blood is thicker than water." Sometimes, you really will have a family member who you can't be around. For whatever reason. It's *okay.* Family is those who treat you right, who you love, who you enjoy being around. Blood or otherwise!

9. If you could name your own sno-cone flavor, what would it be. What color is it?

Hmmmm. My Bloody Valentine! It'd be a reddish-pink, with Blood Orange and Rose flavoring. Why? Because it's a fun name and kinda vampy. ;)

10. What is your favorite children's book or story?

Oh geesh. I loved series' growing up. Especially The Magic Tree House, The Bailey School Children and the Amelia's Notebook series! Oh and OF COURSE, The American Girl Doll Series. Now, as an adult, I'd LOVE to read The Brothers Grimm stories, the *real* stories behind the fairy-tales we know today.

11. If you were a Gundam Pilot, what would be the name of your Gundam?

Oh man, I don't know much about this series (for shame.) So I Googled! If I had to pick one word, it'd be
Raikou (Lightning in English.) If I could pick two, it'd be Metallic Butterfly. ^_-

12. Tell us a secret....
I am still REALLY afraid of the dark... Yet on the other hand, I love the night, love the dark and love the peacefulness of my night owl ways. So it's a kind of weird phobia. When I go down into the kitchen in the middle of the night, I can't turn any lights on otherwise the in-laws would wake up. So I open the microwave door, light goes on. I open the fridge door, light goes on. Than I feel better. As long as I don't let my eyes scan the rest of the room. (...that sounds like a kick butt opening to a scary book, haha!)


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A big thank you to Angie for playing along with some of my silly questions. Please check out her blog and see what she's up to. If you would like to answer these silly questions or want me to make up some new ones just for you, leave a comment or shoot me an email at cupquakedesign{at}yahoo{dot}com.

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