Friday, August 19, 2011

Fill In the Blank Friday

1. My idea of pure perfection would be diving into one of those ball pits for kids, but instead of balls its cotton candy .

2. cupcakes and coffee makes the world go 'round.

3. If it weren't for gravity I'd be able to fly or bounce gracefully... .

4. Bloggers are Some of my favorite people .

5. If I had a nickle I'd buy you a pickle .

6. I'm glad it's Friday because i got paid .

7. Something I'm excited about is the future or back to the future .


kelci r said...

LOVE your idea of perfection!!!!

Deborah Velásquez said...

I think i just found a place to have my morning coffee. At the moment it is not morning, more like 4:30pm, but I am enjoying a coffee! Need to catch up with class reading! So behind, too much time on FB!

Thanks for all your help today. Looking at your blog I see you have so much experience under your belt. I love how you write, so clever. Fill In The Blank Friday soooo Brilliant. I am working on Inspiration Friday angle my blog.

Off to read...signed up to follow you. Looking forward to a good read.-D