Friday, August 14, 2009

wedding, weddings, and yes weddings

So I have weddings on the brain again. C.Cakes isn't super interested in helping with the planning lol I'll ask his opinion and he'll give it, but he doesn't want to sit for hours with me and pour over blogs, webpages, and magazines. I guess most guys are like that. I've been looking at pictures on for inspiration. That's where all of these photos and their credits can be found.

These photos are engagement photos that I thought were lovely and simple. I'm sure we'll get around to engagement photos...eventually.

I like the how the bridesmaids all have different vintagey dresses, and the mustache pic!

These engagement photos are lovely!

I liked the desert table here! We will probably only have sweets because I love them soo much! haha...candy/cupcake table watch out!

I love her fun shoes, but mostly her bouquet with the pinks and oranges!

Along with the pinks and oranges I'm thinking of adding these billy buttons, they are bad ass and will look awesome with my fushia pink gerber daisies!

I would love to do and engagement photo like this! super cute!

I like the bottom pic here. very grungey and rock and roll!

tandem bikes are adorable!'s parents have one. i wonder if they will let us borrow it? i want to do out engagement pics with it and i think our invites will have one on it too! ps her tat is cute!

I almost died when i saw this pic! i love the umbrella and her dress is to die for...i'm in love with it!


kimi said...

i love these pictures and totally went and checked out that website. very inspiring!! when are you getting married?

KiKi MaRie said...

we are thinking april 2010. i love that blog when of my friends got me hooked!