Friday, August 21, 2009

The Weird Thing About the World

So I am a huge fan of the Olsen Twins, and I read this amazing blog about their style called Olsens Anonymous. Yesterday there was a pic posted of MK leaving the gym, and she has on some blingin' sandals, blah blah....Well it doesn't really look like her in the pic, but hey she just got done workin' out, I know I'm not lovely sweaty but whatever. The comments people made on this post are sad. The blog is about what they wear not if a photo was taken at a bad angle, is she got fat or pregnant, or if she's is actually human; it's about clothes. Plain and simple. Those girls are just trying to live their lives, like everyone else should start doing instead of being all judgmental. Take a look at the post here

What are your thoughts on the matter? Does even looking at this blog perpetuate this hateful culture? If you were the blog moderator would you have deleted all the negative comments? Do you think MK has seen the negative feedback from this pic?

I think those girls have an eye for fashion and I wish I could afford the clothes from their 2 lines. Good luck in the future ladies! xo

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