Thursday, August 20, 2009

apocalyptic tuesday....errr whatever today is

This pic is kinda how I feel feels like an apocalyptic tuesday around here...A couple months ago I was walking into the mall wearing a cute sundress, and this lady yells as me to get a tan. I turn around and she's pointing yeah you and then jumps in her ghetto-mobile and drives off like the jerk she is. It kinda hurt my feelings, even though I usually don't care what others think. It seemed strange to me that a stranger would be so mean. I felt very self conscious after that, but after talking to my momma that night I got over it. But that crap keeps coming up in this weirdo town. Today I was wearing a sundress and walking around the mall in search of Red Bull when I pass by this group of teenagers, and this girl says 'her legs are sooo white' and her male companions start whisteling and cat calling me. I just ignored them and kept texting away not even turning around as they made to follow me. How strange?! Why would strangers with too much time on their hands care at all that I'm an incrediably white person, I'm white can't really help it unless I want to be a sunburned person. I think of all the other people who are fair skinned and wonder if they get made fun of as much as I do, in public, and by strangers? It never makes for a good day. Do pale celebrities get made fun of? even though they can afford a spray on tan?? lol silly...

I love Audrey Hepburn and Funny Face is one of my fav movies, especially when she dances! I remember when Gap made that commercial, they should bring the Audrey pants back!

I want a or some I should say Paramore tees. They are so fun and I can't wait for their new cd. I just watched the video of their first single off the record Ignorance. I think its funny how everyone thought her hair was all Gwen inspired, and then she goes on twitter and says its Bjork inspired...Hayley rocks!

I listen to Tegan and Sara a lot, more than a lot! I love their music! I think at SXSW I saw one of them through a window somewhere, can't be sure....

I saw this pic on Olsens Anonymous, and I really loved it.

I saw this pic of Kiera Knightly on a wedding blog, something about not wearing a white wedding gown...well I just thought it was lovely and I heart her, I can watch Pride & Prejudice a million times!

A couple days ago I went and saw Ponyo, the new Studio Ghibli film. It was adorable I loved it like I love all his movies

Lol more on Hayley from Paramore....I liked this pic. My hair is that color somtimes. PS she is pale, I don't see the big deal...

Inspiring Bjork hair alert!!!!!!

Signs there may be an apocalypse approaching:
*the entire mall runs out of Red Bull
*Taco Bell runs out of Taco Sauce?!
*i'm out of ice cream
*i can't find my brown tights
*i saw someone use their blinker today

lol I hope tomorrow is better, well it should be if i get some sleep. I do this things where I'm afraid I won't wake up for work on time so I wake up and keep checking my clock and the alarm. maybe I should just set 2 alarms?

people may be wondering why tuesdays are bad, if you ever watched buffy the vampire slayer you would understand. and in my world tuesdays are worse than mondays, but better in a way because tacos are cheap on tuesdays at rosa's. my world revolves around tacos

graphxgrrl had this really awesome post about art, and issues i've been dealing with! i like the idea of the cupcake movement...its an interesting concept in its own way....i've been watching too much ouran lol...but neway what do you think about art and originality? it is something i stuggle with....goodnight wishes


GraphXGrrl said...

I can't remember which actor said it..Benjamin Owen?? I don't know, but the quote was: "Abs are for people with no friends." lol That's how I feel about tans. They take up too much time and money and can give you skin cancer.

KiKi MaRie said...

here here! lol i agree. c.cakes says their just jealous of my pretty skin! haha