Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taco Tuesday

Well Tuesday is over now, but I'm going to finish the post! LOL! I really should get to bed, I have work in the morning, but I drank a red bull at 8:30 pm....ooopppss.

Sanrio.com just got in some new goodies...plenty of coffee mugs that I need!

These pics are from 12x12, I think? But they are amazing. I recently got my hair cut similar but longer, and I may go back in and get it shorter. This pic makes me wish my hair was blonde again, but oh well...red it is...lol

For some reason this vintage looking wallpaper caught my eye and I saved it to my computer.

I'm ready for this cd to come out, I heart Paramore!

I saw this pic and was like awwwww....not sure where I found it. Cats are cute, but I already have puppies.

What a dream....

This is the dress that I thought would be cute for my bridesmaids to wear....

I need to get to bed...please try leaving a comment so I can see if it works now. I am trying to plan my Alice in Wonderland themed wedding for October, which only leaves 2 months....I wonder if Elsie does invites and such? Maybe I should ask...

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GraphXGrrl said...

That would be a cute bridesmaids dress! I also like the pic of the girl holding the chicken; hilarious!