Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Taco Tuesday-Etsy Edition

Today has gone by so quickly, Tuesdays are like that. Anyway today it popped into my head that etsy would be the perfect place to hunt for unique, fun, and less expensive wedding stuffs...and then I got side tracked with all the cuteness. So get ready for some cute!

1. What do you think of this tutu wedding dress? I think it is sooo fun and whimsical! by ouma

2. This shop is fantastic, and I now follow the hellohappy blog!

3. So I don't know much about steampunk, but my friend at GraphXGrrl has been posting things on her blog. I found this on etsy, but now I can't find the store link, so search for steampunk alice!

4. Well this mug/vinyl isn't on etsy, but you can find more cuteness than you can swallow at the RVA store...sigh....I am also excited about Elsie's fall class, I plan to get up early and try to sign up! This class with save christmas! lol

5. So Baby Sharkbait totally needs these, and I can't wait to buy them! Take a look at the Pretty Little shop!

6. This lovely lady does the cutest art work, and the words on each one make me soo happy! I think i need this one for my house! check out xobellaaimox

7. This reminds me of Deery Lou! You can find this jewel at luckynielsen's shop.

8. Knitting for fish....my new hobby...This shop is adorable, and I can't wait to buy one of these manly shirts for C.baby! Visit CubistLiterature

9. These are my new fav jeans...I've decided to wear them everyday! lol...they are by hurley. I'm ready for fall, although my jeans, t-shirt, cardigan wardrobe probably won't change...

10. The cutest wedding invites ever! C.Baby and I both agree these 2 rock, and we will probably do something similar! Heatherjeany is a genius and I can't wait to work with her!

11. I thought this stationary was cute, and it makes me wish for fall to come sooner! This shop has such cute invites too that I think would be cute for my sisters babyshower! Check out LilaB

12. Bunnies are soooo cute...I want this in my studio! Another from hellohappy

13. I've been looking forever to comission someone to make me a fun leather belt with cupcake on it! I think I've hit the jackpot! Visit valentinoink

14. Amelie is one of my fav movies, in fact I may watch it tonight! This shirt is awesome! I didn't show C.baby because he would be soo jealous! dcartesianos

15. I've been looking for some new glasses on the not so expensive variety, and I think these will work perfectly! wickedpen even has a cute pair for C.baby, because the puppy ate his...

16. A Fanciful Twist made my day of cuteness cuter than ever! When I grow up I want to live here! lol And the girl reminded me of me, but with blond hair.

This week I've been listening to Eisley's Combinations cd non-stop, it's magical. I'm improving on saving money, and did some laundry. I'm making job/school and wedding plans. I'm contemplating my etsy store. I will be selling hand painted pottery for the moment, or whatever catches my fancy and I end of making. I have one piece ready to go into the shop. I need to work on a banner...I will update as things happen...have a good tuesday...


kimi said...

ahhh, I love everything. those booties are so cute! come visit! how far are you from austin?

GraphXGrrl said...

Cute stuff! The blonde girl reminds me of Luna Lovegood. lol

I don't know if you're doing engagement photos, but I saw some today that made me think of you. They had the couple holding cupcakes.

KiKi MaRie said...

ohhh i saw that on that one wedding blog and the people were from austin?! sooo cute...you need to tell me about steampunk...lol