Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me.

I'm still in Jimmy Eat World Mode lol... This is the first weekend I've had off in ages! I have already slept most of the day away, it was awesome! C.Cakes is on the road home, and has a show tonight. I'm trying to decide if I want to go. If so this will be me:

And I wish I could wear this dress! Made by ouma. She also makes many other cute dresses, but they are way fancier than this little number!

Aren't this vintage shoes fab?! I want them but they had already sold, and I can't remember which vintage site I found them on, but I would totally wear them almost everyday! Makes me think Pride & Predjudice or Little House on the Prairie....sigh

I love how the skirt is really a mans shirt! Check it out at Ramona West.

Pretty picture of a pretty red cup. Red is one of my fav colors right now. My fav color always changes lol C.cakes oldest niece always asks me what my fav color is everytime she sees me b/c she knows it changes. She's just tooo cute!

LOL More ode to red! I think this is Ashlee Simpson but I'm mostly interested in the red ahir and red chucks. I love my red chucks that I found at Savers for $3!

Soooo I am in love with this vintage 80s prom dress from Bleubird Vintage. I think it would be cute shorter and to wear for engagement photos and whatnot. What do you think? It's only $90 if only I had that laying around that dress would be mine...muhahhaaa

Ok so I am loving me some pink party dresses right now this one is from Libemarlene Vintage

I saw this game in someone's flickr, but they didn't have who the artist was. I would really like to know, b/c this is amazing! Major eye candy!
I thought this dress was pretty and could be worn to something special. You can find it here with other pretties!

OMG! I need this lol but it was sadly sold out. I'm not sure where I would wear it, but I heart Hello Kitty! sewOeno makes some cuuuutttee stuffs!

More from Ramona West. Sadly this was already sold as well.

I love this folksey skirt with big pockets. Years later I still love things with pockets! I also like the combo of the loose see through tank. I was thinking of donning something similar tonight? This is also from Ramona West Vintage.
My new fav photo of all time. Not sure where it's from I found it saved on my computer, but if you are the one who came up with this idea mad props to you! DIY chanel paperbag purse!!! It makes my day seeing it! lol

I am in lovelove with the cupcake dress from sarah seven. It is sadly sold out. I wonder if she would do it in pink or white?! I'm wishing really hard right now! PS I love the vintage suitcase, I have a few of my own. oh and the tights, and this makes me wish for my blonde hair...sigh

Elsiecake can do no wrong! I am in love with this! Her 70s girls rock my world, but this in particular has me drooling over the cuteness! If her stuff wasn't so expensive I would totally buy this if it was ever put into her shop. But for now I'll just drool from afar....
This is another prettypretty dress! You can find it here on etsy. I think blue looks better on me, and this kinda has a ballerina/1920s feel to it. In lovelove! xo

RED boot alert! Must have red boots.....

Ballerinas are pretty. These would look cute in my casa.

If you didn't hear there was an RVA update this week. I want this kit, but sadly I'm broke...sigh

Another pink dress! This one from Bleubird. This would be a cute I'm getting married at the JP today dress. xo
Right now I am focused on getting my teaching certification and looking for a job not in retail. I found a job online that I could use my degree with. It's designing ads for the local newspaper. But I'm afraid I don't remember how to use the programs anymore since I haven't really been in the field in years. Also I have heard the paper is on its way out, but I wouldn't be there forever since I plan on being a teacher...ugh life is confusing...but I want to find a new job before Christmas time because retail and Christmas are definately bad news and I would like to spend the holidays with family for once instead of working. And well I'd like a 9-5er kinda job, so I can spend time doing the things I love! Anyone have any advice? xo happy saturday

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