Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taco Tuesday Random Edition

I had a dream that while I was at work c.cakes organized my closet. It's a wonderful dream...Right now I'm drinking coffee and doing a load of laundry before I go to work. In more exciting news, I paid for my teaching certification courses and will start as soon as my payment is processed! Now on to the cute!

1. Hello Kitty/Toki Doki lighter. I may not smoke but it is super cute!

2. I like trees, especially in the fall. This one is made by Pretty Little Pendant

3. More wedding invites, these are by Katie Kirk. Super cute!

4. Hello Kitty dog bed! My puppies would love this, they have a thing for hello kitty and I'm not kidding.

5. Who wouldn't want to go camping in this cuteness?!

6. How cute is this?! Japanese art is a huge inspiration for my art, it is just soooo cute!

7. This bathroom was in my email this morning. I kinda like it. From CB2.

8. Now I'm bad and can't remember where I found this pic, but it was the entrance to a website. So if this is yours you rock and I'll find your website again!

9. A little vintage hello kitty....loves!

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