Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well today has been a pretty lazy day. I've been working on etsy stuffs. I made a simple banner, and this little tag to go with it. This picture was a google find, so I don't know who to give credit to, but i just like all the people in the street, and the girls big shades and stripey shirt. I hope to put more things in my store soon, more about that below.

This is the first item up for sale in my etsy store. I actually painted it a few years ago. It's a ceramic dinner plate that you can actually use or just hang on the wall. I used to work for a pottery studio, and I really enjoyed it. I hope to put more painted pottery up soon.

This little number here I had sketched onto the canvas a while back and just started painting it. It's not complete yet and the photo sucks, taken with my iphone. I really would like to go on a vacation, and this painting stems from that and some Weepies lyrics. The song is called slow pony home and the lyrics are "i held so many people in my suitcase heart." I've been experimenting with faces, eyes, and lips recently. I plan to keep trying different techniques too. Right now I am in love with violet eyes, and for some reason I want violet contacts lol...I'll take some better pics when I'm done and it's not so rainy and dark.

I have another idea in mind that I hope to get on a canvas tonight and it has to do with clouds. There have been lots of cloud shapes in what I've been doing I've also got to work on some designs for the coffee mug and platter I have stashed away in my closet so I can get them painted. If this cloud idea pans out, I may do it on the mug.

I'm also knitting a scarf, trying to get back into the swing of things. Next I plan to try to knit something new! I may also put some knitted products in my etsy store.

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GraphXGrrl said...

Yay! I will heart your shop as soon as I get to browsing Etsy today.

GraphXGrrl said...

P.S. - I was curious, is there a specific reason for the Paris circa 2007-08?

KiKi MaRie said...

its the title off a song with no lyrics from the dissociatives album, and i heart paris, and that time period i kinda fell off the radar for a while lol

KiKi MaRie said...
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