Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Fashion

I look at fashion blogs almost as much as I look at crafty and wedding blogs. One of my favs is Sally Jane Vintage. I always want to buy the things in her store, and her outings and photos look so fun! She also has the prettiest cherry blossom tattoo. Well on her blog this morning was a line by Vivetta. I'm always wondering what I should wear as an art teacher when I finally get my certification. I think these ideas are cute, very Parisian and cute cat lady lol!

This collection is by Dear Creatures, and their concept was 1960s girl scout, tee pees, and science. I love all the back drops. Their clothes look like something I would wear as a teacher too! I was never a girl scout, but I always wanted to be one! And I love cute little indians.

What is your inspiration for fall fashion?


GraphXGrrl said...

lol, The cat dress rocks!

GraphXGrrl said...

And here is my answer to your fashion question: