Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Something that always cheers me up is my puppies, Loki & Duo. They are my best buds, and give the best kisses. I also love baking! Sugar makes me happy! This week I baked some puppy snaps for Clint's boss at work who is transferring to another store. I used Gingerbread cake mix to make these cookies. They were even hard like gingersnaps. Of course I had to make them cute and puppy shaped. I got this cookie cutter at Michael's a long time ago, it's Mary Engelbreit.

My favorite part of that day was Clint calling me on his lunch break and telling me this:
Guy he works with: "Why are these cookies dog shaped?"
Clint: "Because my wife likes cute stuff."

Here is Loki snoozing on his pillow. He sleeps like a little human. He even knows how to tuck himself into the bed at night lol. I love him!
Well I'm off to finish letters of interest, and hunt down a teaching job! PS My little sister is getting married today at 3:30! I can't be there to hit up the JP with her, but CONGRATS! I'll be seeing you next week! :)


Brooke Ann Dove said...

Super cute cookies!
Congrats to Ashley, Happy Wedding Day!

GraphXGrrl said...

Those cookies rock!