Monday, November 15, 2010

Fighting Fires With Arrows

Random Post GO!

I spent my entire weekend watching Harry Potter. I did manage to get some paint on the walls in the dining room. My goal for today is to do a second coat and finish up the edges. I am also making a curtain for the dining room. Clint said he wanted a cafe curtain, so I'll see if I can figure that out, without his mom helping me.

My walls are this buttery color, and I am doing the trim red.

This brooch is from etsy, I can't remember the shop, but I'm sure it sold. I am in love with it! I love adding a little flair to my blazer or cardigan!
I like to eat cool whip, sad but true, my husband thinks I'm weird.

It seems celebs these days are cutting off all their hair and I LOVE IT! Emma Watson looks amazing, and I just saw these pictures of Ashlee Simpson-W. I did the pixie cut once and it did not look good on me, take a look here. Almost makes me want to do something crazy, but I'll hold off b/c I just died my hair and doing too much might make people's heads explode.

I love my little pink DS. One of my fav games is Cooking Mama! It makes me happy and helps me relax. I carry my DS around in my bag for times when I have a blow out on the highway in the middle of no where and I am waiting on a rescue. You know emergency bored-ness.
What do you do when you are bored?

JUST A PS: check out my husband's band in this issue of Magnet. Click on the link for some free downloads from the new album.

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Carrie said...

lol I had to laugh I have the same DS and cooking mama is my favorite :) I spent the weekend watching Harry Potter too!