Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Taco Tuesday: Sad Day :(

Today started off well enough, but I got a call saying I didn't get the job I'd been hoping for. But my hairdresser told me, that if I didn't get it, that's probably not where I should be. Plus the commute would be awful. Tomorrow I do have sub orientation for a different district. Tonight I think I will eat cool whip, chocolate chips, popcorn, and drink wine while having a Stargate Universe mini marathon and crocheting.


GraphXGrrl said...

Sorry it didn't work out. I know it can be frustrating, but just think of it as a good practice interview.

A lot of the teachers I know said they applied for nearly 20 positions before they finally got the one they were at. Just keep your line in the river and you'll catch your fish soon enough!

Carrie said...

I am so sorry :( but it sounds like you have the perfect night planned!


paperbeatsscissors! said...

Hey, thanks for the add. Dig your blog.

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Sorry, sweets! But she's right, you belong somewhere else. Happy sub orientation.