Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shopping At Home

You can learn more about "use what you have" over at ginger and george or copy+paste.

1. It would be amazing if my house really was a shop like: Fancy Tiger in Denver, CO. I have only been there once, but that place was magical. Every time Clint is in Denver he grabs me some yarn from there. They also have re purposed clothing, crafty classes, and support local music!

2. But at the moment it's probably more like: a hot mess that you would probably see on that show Hoarders. I like to buy things, but I don't want to use them, especially paper and fabric. It's just soo pretty!

3. The best-stocked area of my house has go to be: my out of control stashes of yarn. They are hidden everywhere! I've been trying to give some of it away. I am not allowed to buy any more yarn until I use what I have. (It's a husband rule :()

4. But I'm not sure I would dare do a stock-take of: my Hello Kitty stationary collection. Again with the Hoarding.

5. I could actually open my doors right now and sell off most of my clothes and still have plenty left.

6. If I could go shopping in someone else's house I'd choose Kelly Rae Roberts. She is just too cute and amazingly creative.

7. With the money I'll save by shopping at home for my supplies, I could buy all the cupcakes in the world! muhahaha...j/k...but I could probably support a small 3rd world country.

8. During this class I hope I will get to 'buy' / revisit / finally use my stock of everything I've been hoarding to create beautiful gifts for friends and family.

9. The best thing about shopping at home will be no driving, no crowds, no crazy lines, no trying to find my car in wacky weather...this list could go on...

10. Shopping at home will mean I can get away with wearing my pj's or the same things for days and not fixing my hair lol

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Julie Kirk said...

Thanks for playing along!

I'm with you on the clothes ... and love the sound of your secret stashes of yarn!

Hope we can help you out on the 'using-up-everything-to-make-beautiful-gifts' front.

Thanks again for joining us on our 12 Days.