Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Taco Tuesday I Can't Wait Until Thursday Edition

My favorite time of year has come. ABC Family's Harry Potter marathon comes on starting Thursday and the new movie comes out on the 19th! I can't wait!

I also love love manga! Fruits Basket and Kitchen Princess are 2 of my favorites. I need to complete my collections.

I think this is the prettiest color combo....sigh...
I've been drinking tons of tea!
But I miss Starbucks. I hear they have the red cups...sigh...on a happy note, I got a post card from Starbucks for a free drink!

Right now I am watching this movie. If you didn't already know Amanda Bynes is my girl crush.

Today I went and turned in my substitute application at Frenship ISD. I got the go ahead to fill out the next round of packets, and when I bring it back tomorrow they will take my picture for my badge! oh! and orientation next wednesday. I am super excited!

Right now I am making a pot roast in my slow cooker. I didn't really follow a recipe, so if it turns out well I'll post it up. We'll hopefully be eating it around midnight lol.


Carrie said...

Oh how I love Harry Potter and pot roast!


Brooke Ann Dove said...

Harry Potter! I already bought my midnight tickets!

Mrs. Miller said...

im so jealous! they are all sold out here :(