Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 you weren't too bad until the end, but some amazing things happened this past year.....

I found the perfect vintage wedding dress, and had it altered.

Heather and Teresa helped me out a ton with wedding stuffs.

Brooke is one of the best friends ever, and took all my wedding pictures. This is us having coffee the day of my wedding!

Best thing that happened this year, becoming Mrs. Miller!

Mustache May, yeah it happened.

Hanging out with baby Avery.

Doing my teaching observations, and loving my puppies.

Our first BBQ at our house!

Teresa in her pink ranger costume for Morphacon.

Finding this Sailor Moon mug!

Eating cupcakes from Cake!

Cutting my hair.

Drinking lots of coffee, especially with Teresa.

Getting pedicures.

Adding cell phone charms to my amazing phone!

Watching Avery grow so fast!

Lots of Thrift Store Cowboys shows, and a cd release party.

Wonderous flowers that grow out of no where!

Making rainbow cupcakes for the 1st time!

All edges brownies.

Attempting to clean out and organize my closet.

Hanging out with my husband.

More coffee. This was the first day of taking a new job that was a disaster :(

Sad face...don't really know what I want to do with my life...

Watched lots of anime!

I love flan!

Crosby at homecoming.

Finding things at the ranch.

Carving pumpkins with Clint before he left on his east coast tour.

Shooting a corn canon at the Corn Maize.

Another mistake this year: dying my hair :( I'm still trying to get it back blonde.

Ginger snap puppy cookies.

Highest point word I ever played! Thank you anime for inspiring me (I've been watching D.Gray Man).

My cute pups.

Getting this mug for my birthday.

and this game!

And having friends that make you yummy cupcakes!

Whew! You survived. I survived. Top priority on the agenda for 2011, a job! Wish me luck! And good luck on your endeavors!

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Lynn said...

what an awesome story of the year in pictures kind of post! loved seeing your hi-lights and you two are darling, adore the wedding photo!!!

wishing you all things wonderful for 2011. ♥