Monday, January 3, 2011

To Do...later

Hello 1am.
Today Enchanted was on Tv, but we just caught the end when they are at the ball. And Clint busted out in one of the songs from earlier in the movie, it was hilarious!

To Do (Tomorrow after I go to sleep, wake up, have coffee):

1. get together xmas packages to mail. (not kidding)
2. put together my french easel.
3. work on a painting.
4. sew some dolls.
5. take down xmas decor.
6. put away laundry.
7. play with my tamagotchi.
8. play some kingdom hearts.
9. yoga.
10. love puppies.
11. go to work.
12. watch the last 2 episodes of maid-sama! (i wish it would come out in english).

lol....let's see how much i get done!

what's on your to do list?!

ps. i talked with stephanie, my starbucks barista. she's like my therapist. anyway, she had some great advice for me today, it centered around motivating yourself to do what you want and not giving up. "because it will be hard, it always is." and not letting anyone stand in the way with their negativity.

now you see why i can't give up starbucks and coffee? how would I stay sane?
(that's steph. i didn't take that pic lol ps that's chocolate sauce)


Brooke Ann Dove said...

It's like mini therapy for the cost of a cup of java!

Ashley said...

me and avery watched enchanted yesterday we recorded it :)

Mrs. Miller said...

clint bought it for me a while back. i go to sleep with it on sometimes, that's probably how he learned the songs lol

Ashley said...

I wish I had a barista therapist. Jealous.

S and O said...

I love that movie enchanted, it's so cute!
hahaha what happened to your friend down there? funny picture :)