Monday, January 24, 2011

Crispy "Chicken" Salad

Yesterday I took Clint to Sunharvest for the first time, and we took our time exploring. He has been very supportive of my new "diet". We picked up some yummy organics and some bancha green tea. We are on a pretty tight budget right now, but we found some good deals.
Today I made a salad with the organic lettuce I got there yesterday (only 1.19 for a bunch!), sweet grape tomatoes, baby carrots, cut up Boca Original Chik'n meatless pattie (made with non-gmo soy!), and topped with Bianna's Poppyseed dressing. It was super yummy!

Last week I was still eating cheese and learning to cook long grain brown rice. I plan to invest in a rice cooker. I topped my rice with the Progresso Tomato Soup I had in the cabinet and it was pretty yummy. This week begins my non-dairy week...wish me luck.

I hope to be able to start making actual recipes soon.
What is your fav veggie recipe?


Brooke Ann Dove said...

Wow! Good luck! I absolutely love my rice cooker, it's a MUST!

Mrs. Miller said...

i can't wait to get one! i have a bed bath and beyond gift card, so i might go look tomorrow

Aria Belle said...

And all you need is a small one. Paul and I have the littlest one Target sells and it makes enough for 4 people easy...
Don't forget your vitamins though, especially calcium chews or something. 2 tums a day!