Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Saw this over on Norwegian Phoenix. The originator is Roots & Rings, which I am about to check out!

1. What’s your favorite color to paint your nails?

I have 4 favs: a orangy/red from essie, this hard candy glitter pink that reminds me of Sailor Moon when she transforms into SM, this MAC gunmetal color, and this redish glitter from Icing...i love painting my nails and have other wild colors I paint on from time to time.

2. Do you like to sneeze?

Nope. Sneezing is weird and sometimes there is snot. I think it's kinda embarrassing...

3. How often do you fill up your car with gas?

Oh I hate doing it, so I make my husband whenever possible. There was a time in my life that I didn't know how to put gas in my car and I would run out or my little sister would do it lol....sad but true....

4. Were you named after anyone?

Not that I'm aware of, but I wish mom would've went with her 1st choice Tegan Amara!

5. Have you made any good recipes lately?

I'm about to try some new veg recipes....

6. What’s an easy money-saving tip that you use regularly?

Honestly I'm terrible at saving money! But since I'm not really working I've been trying to save $$ by cutting back on things I don't need like Starbucks.

7. Would you rather have a sore throat or an ear ache?

Bleh...neither I hate being sick. If I had to pick sore throat....

8. Do you have any scars? What are they from?

I've had 2 knee surgeries so I have lots of little scars....and one on my finger from a scissor accident.

9. What are you “known for” in your circle of friends/family?

The way I dress, my hair, and baking

10. How do you like to eat your pancakes?

Whip cream and strawberries!

Your turn!


Ashley said...

Fun stuff. Love your mom's 1st choice for your name!

Anonymous said...

I agree, sneeze in public is kinda embarrassing. ESPECIALLY, when snot comes flying out and you don't have a napkin. Yuck.

Norwegian Phoenix said...

Thanks for linking back to me and the original poster. I love the MAC Gunmetal nail polish, I have one as well. I love your mom's first name choice. That's awesome!