Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's On Your Mind Wednesday...

Over at A Taste of T she made a list of random things on her mind. I thought I'd play along, but with pictures.

*dying my hair
*making a mood/dream board
*watching Black Butler on youtube
*going to chipotle for dinner (1st time)

*getting a tattoo

*sea salt ice cream?
*going to see this tomorrow with calley

*thrifting with calleycakes too!

other random thoughts:

why can't i sneeze with my eyes open?
my tamagotchi goes to bed around 8:30
i go to bed around 1am
will i ever win at settlers of catan?


Ashley said...

I, too, go to bed at 1 am. And why can't ANYONE sneeze with their eyes open? I heard it's because our eyeballs might be forced out of our heads from pressure. Yuck. Pretty sure that could possibly be an urban myth, though. Although, I don't think I'll try it. ;)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I LOVE IT! Especially with pictures. Your head is great! And now I want Chipotle.