Monday, January 31, 2011

Ghost Cats

I did my taxes today.
I went and sat for hours in the wee hours of the morning to not get picked as a juror.
I finally found the felt I was looking for...oh and watercolor pencils.
I got my Fruits Basket planner, but it's soo cute I don't think I can use it!
I made a super nasty vegan dinner.
I finally completed the mission I was having trouble with in Kingdom Hearts only to die before I had a chance to save.
I think I'm hearing a ghost cat...right's creepy.
I drank an evil cup of coffee today. It was less evil because of the soy milk, but still evil.
I checked my mail! Woot Netflix!

Dear Monday, You were all right....


Angela said...

I love tax time, we have gotten money back every year and it is SUCH a joy.

I got some artsy supplies today too, yay artsy stuff. ^_^

I have *never* read or watched Fruits Basket. However I am totally into anime/manga. What's it about, in your words??? I always prefer a fan's words over Wikipedia's... Though I love Wikipedia too.

Ghost cat? Take pictures, ya never know!!!

Coffee is the nectar of the Gods!!!


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

wow girl, you're ahead of the game, good job! i haven't even thought about tax time much yet.

omg, you make me laugh with random daily happenings. have fun with your netflix tonight lades and happy monday! ♥