Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah...Girl Power!

Tomorrow, at dawn, I have jury duty...that is if I can find the place. What do you wear to these sort of things. The form says no shorts. I've been putting together a bag filled with goodies to stave off boredom. I figure if it has anything to do with the government, I will be doing lots of waiting around.
I want Crafting Mama so bad! I love all of those games! Speaking of crafting...I started a little project tonight that is awesome! I can't share yet, because it's for a friend's (who reads my blog) birthday. But after her birthday I'll post some pictures...
I heart Fruits Basket! I used to own most of the manga for this series, but I sold it back in for some cash a while back. I've started collecting it in the larger volumes (which takes up less space). Anywho, there is a cute day planner that I always look at, but never buy, and I'm thinking of buying it. I love day planners and use several at once because I 'm a hot mess. I've tried electronic ones, but I just forget about them.

Hopefully tomorrow I will hear back from my new job about my background check, and I can remember to ask what the dress code is lol....a girl has to start planning her wardrobe.


Aria Belle said...

Have fun tomorrow!

Aria Belle said...
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GraphXGrrl said...

"I love day planners and use several at once because I 'm a hot mess."

lol, love the honesty! :)