Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Taco Tuesday: I Want A Cupcake! Or Pocky!

I'm trying to be healthier, I think everyone is this time of the year. I've been trying to cut back on the sweets. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth around. My diet usually consists of cupcakes, pocky, coffee, and red bull...so I'm changing that up. This morning I'm going to bake some organic pumpkin bread instead of cupcakes....i'm soo hungry!

My hair is still super dark! I'm kinda liking it, but mostly wishing is was blonde again. Next time I post that I want dark hair everyone holla don't do it!

So one of my goals for this year is to go Veg again. Yesterday I finished reading 'The Kind Diet', by Alicia Silverstone. So I've decided to give up meat and coffee starting today, and then dairy as soon as I use up the milk I have in the fridge (no use wasting money or food). Clint isn't doing this with me, even after I talked about all the animal cruelty and stuff to him. His family are ranchers, and he knows that the cows on his ranch aren't treated like the factory farms. I told him he didn't have to do this with me, and that I was just trying to be a healthier me. He is stoked that I'm giving up coffee, he's been trying to get me to let it go for years. I didn't realize how bad it was for you....it's going to be hard. I'll post updates and recipes on here as I go. I already eat a lot of vegetarian meals, but I plan to take it a step further. I plan to read Eating Animals by jonathan safron foer next. I bought it about a year ago....What are your takes on going Veg?

Happy Taco Tuesday!
What are you up to?


Ashley said...

i couldnt ever be a veg. but go u for tryin to give up coffee :) me and avery have been playing sharing toys this morning

Carrie said...

Good luck! I went veg for about six months but it just was not for me.


Richael said...

I've been on/off veggie for about 12 years...but settled on being a pesticarian (which means I follow a strict veggie diet, except I eat fish (rarely) ) After years of suffering from really bad headaches, I realized it was the lack of fish in my diet that was the problem. I mite have it once or twice a month, whenever I feel that I NEED it.
My friend gave up coffee last year. She was a major addict though...and it was really tough the first month or so...she got really bad cravings and headaches, but she's not drank coffee since, and she feels a lot better in herself.
Good luck on both fronts! :)

Mrs. Miller said...

i am a super coffee addict, so it will be hard. i like to joke that i drink more coffee than the olsen twins lol... i was veggie for a little bit in college, so hopefully i can stick with it and be super healthy!

thanks for reading and for the advice!

alovelylittleworld said...

Good resolutions. Since Christmas I consume so many sweet foods I'm surprised I don't have permanent sugar hang overs. I'm trying to give it up but the cravings, oh the cravings!
By the way, I love that pig. I copied the picture to my computer because I love it so much. Thank-you :)

Aria Belle said...

I say it sounds like an awesome idea! Just remember to take everything in moderation and make sure you let yourself cheat a little if you are really craving it. Your body does let you know what it needs. 1 cupcake a week... its okay.
And I know you might not think it is as good, but herbal tea is very yummy!

GraphXGrrl said...

Make sure to find ways of getting plenty of protein in your diet. And soy is NOT the answer (look it up).

I agree with Richael that you should include fish in your diet. Humans are meant to be omnivores. I've heard from some pretty in shape girls that eating smoked salmon with veggies is a good dinner.

As far as the sweets go, I've given up soda. I was drinking at least two cans a day, but now I'm down to maybe two cans a week. I drink tea instead now.

Good luck!

Mrs. Miller said...

thanks everyone! i'm easing myself into it. like i had earl grey tea instead of coffee. i'm taking it slow so my body doesn't freak out! i'll keep ya'll up to date!